Sarogini KamalanathanMy name is Sarogini Kamalanathan, and I have been teaching people how to cook Sri Lankan food and cuisine for more than 20 years.
If you want to cook something different for your next dinner party or the family meal, try some of the delicious recipes from Sri Lankan cooking expert Sarogini Kamalanathan.

Or, if you prefer, come along to one of Sarogini’s intimate Perth cooking classes, held at her home, for a taste of Sri Lankan magic.

Sri Lankan food is a dazzling meld of a multitude of cultures and influences, from Arab and Moor traders to southern Indian, Portuguese, Dutch and English styles.

Using only the freshest ingredients, herbs and spices, Sarogini’s easy-to-follow recipes are perfect for bringing a touch of south-east Asia to your dinner table, wherever you are.

All this and more is available here at www.srilankafood.net.

And my long awaited cookbook is now taking shape; one of Australia’s leading food photographers, Craig Kinder, has done a fantastic job in photographing nearly 80 recipes for the book, plus some beautiful images taken in Sri Lanka itself. The book’s design is being handled by creative director Cally Browning, who has an impressive record in the media/publishing world, while freelance journalist Norman Burns is helping polish the words and generally helping getting things moving.


Learn to cook Sri Lankan food!

Sri Lankan cooking classes

I love to bring aromatic and tasteful dishes such as curries and hoppers into Australian kitchens and dining rooms through my cooking classes. Please join me in my home kitchen to learn how to cook Sri Lankan food. These are the most fun cooking classes in Perth!

There are five great classes to try, each with a different theme and dishes.

My classes are held on Saturdays and last for four hours, from 2.30pm until 6.30pm. During this time I will teach you where to get the best ingredients and show you how to prepare the dishes.

You (and five other members of each class) will also get to share a generous portion of each dish and chilled soft drinks, so please don’t eat dinner before coming to my class! You will leave with fond memories, complete recipes for the dishes we cook and a burning desire to cook Sri Lankan food for your friends and family.

NEW! Gift vouchers are now available for my courses. Email me or phone (08) 9337 1725 for more details.


Sarogini Kamalanathan

I teach a wide range of traditional recipes from Sri Lanka, and have published some of my favourite recipes on this website.