Sri Lankan Cooking Classes with Sarogini

Join Sarogini on a Saturday afternoon for one of five great Sri Lankan cooking classes.

The menus offer everything from seafood fare to fantastic spicy offerings and much more…

You’ll get to see Sarogini’s expert preparation, taste the food yourself and take samples home.

Sri Lankan fare is exciting, exotic and easy to prepare!!

So what are you waiting for?

See our full Cooking Class Calendar for details on upcoming classes.

Inquiries about corporate, off-site and mid-week cooking classes also welcome.

Includes: Generous tastings, soft drinks and copies of recipes demonstrated at the class.

NEW!! Gift vouchers for my courses are now available. Please email or phone me (08) 9337 1725 for more details.

Price (for Saturday classes): $85 a head.
Time: From 2.30pm until 6.30pm
Each event strictly limited to SIX places.
Book now either by emailing or calling (08) 9337 1725.

Sri Lanka Seafood

Sri Lankan Seafood

This is a must for all seafood lovers! Join Sarogini for a fantastic afternoon as she prepares,  cooks and shares:

SRI LANKAN FRAGRANT YELLOW RICE (Long grain rice boiled  in Coconut milk and mixed with a blend of aromatic spices and  flavoured with pure Spanish saffron and garnished with cashew nuts  and sultanas sautéed in ghee)

SRI LANKAN BANQUET ROLLS (spicy mix of flaked fish, onions,  chillies and potatoes wrapped in a pancake, bread crumbed and fried until golden brown)

SRI LANKAN FISH CURRY (Steaks of  fresh fish cooked in tamarind, chilli powder and coconut milk into a deep gravy in true Sri Lankan style)

CURRIED PRAWNS (Prawns cooked in a nice red gravy with onions, chillies and coconut milk).

Sri Lanka Exotica

Sri Lankan Exotica

Time to unleash these fantastic dishes on your tastebuds… have a great afternoon as  Sarogini guides you through these superb exotic recipes:


(String hoppers get their name because they are composed of  fine strings of rice flour dough forced through a mould on to round mats and steamed). This then is broken up and mixed with vegetables and other ingredients and made into a biriyani.


(A home speciality.  Aubergines are fried to perfection and mixed with onions and other ingredients and the cashew nuts topping it off with a nutty flavour)

SRI LANKAN SPICY FUSION CHICKEN CURRY (Chicken cooked with plenty of onions in gravy delicately spiced and with Sarogini’s own blend of curry powder bringing out the flavour of a delicious chicken curry without drowning the natural flavour of the chicken).

DEVILLED PRAWNS  or PRAWN PORIAL (Porial is a term used when an item is deep fried or a dry preparation is made without much gravy.  The term is usually used in Tamil cuisine).

Sri Lanka Entertainer

Sri Lankan Entertainer

Always wanted to entertain with a great spicy meal but never got round  to it?  This tasty, easy to make menu is sure to impress your guests.

VEGETABLE PULLAO (Rice cooked with cardamom, cinnamon and other spices and mixed together with other vegetables sautéed.   Pullaos are very rich colourful rice dishes.  They are a centrepiece at the meal they are being served at).

SEENI SAMBAL (No meal is complete in Southern Sri Lanka without seeni sambal.  Onions are thinly sliced and slow cooked for a long time to allow the water from the onions to evaporate. They arethen cooked with chillies and other spices).

CARROT AND YOGHURT RAITA (Grated carrots mixed with onions and green chillies and combined with whisked yoghurt. This is a very cooling dish and a good accompaniment to a very hot dish like a Vindaloo).

MEAT VINDALOO (Vindaloo is a dish made with lamb, pork or beef – main ingredients being chillies, vinegar and garlic.   A favourite among Westerners who love a hot curry).

Sri Lanka Comfort

Sri Lankan Comfort

Join Sarogini as she guides you through easy to prepare, succulent recipes that don’t take too much time in the kitchen but still provide the “wow” factor to family or guests.

SPICED FRAGRANT RICE (Basmati rice boiled with a specially mixed blend of aromatic spices and flavoured with pure Spanish saffron).

BUTTER CHICKEN (Boneless pieces of chicken in a butter sauce with ground cashew nuts and fresh cream garnished with coriander leaves.

EGGPLANTS CURRIED (A home speciality. Eggplants are fried to perfection and mixed with onions and cooked into a curry).

SRI LANKAN BANQUET ROLLS (spicy mix of flaked fish, onions, chillies and potatoes wrapped in a pancake, bread crumbed and fried until golden brown).

Sri Lanka Sizzler

Sri Lankan Sizzler

Like a bit of spice ‘n’ fire? This great menu is perfect. But as Sarogini will show, it’s important the heat of a dish doesn’t mask out the great flavours.

She’ll take you through:

CHICKEN BIRIYANI (Basmati rice cooked with cardamom and other spices and layered with a special spiced chicken curry and garnished with cashew nuts and sultanas sautéed in ghee).

LAMB HOT AND SPICY (Sri Lankan lamb recipe.   Cubes of lamb cooked in a hot gravy incorporating a good mix of spices and chillies to titillate your palates without spoiling your taste buds).

SPICED SRI LANKAN FISH KOFTAS (Flaked fish mixed with potatoes and onions, mildly spiced, bread crumbed and deep fried).

MIXED VEGETABLE PICKLE (A  home speciality. Fried eggplants mixed with other salad vegetables and combined with a nice sweet and sour dressing to give that tangy taste).