A trip down memory lane

A trip down memory lane

After a small break I am back again to continue my cooking classes.

On the 10th of March my husband and I went to New Zealand for a holiday after being in Perth for four years. It was like going back home.

Although I had always considered Sri Lanka as my home, going back to Wellington, the city where I had lived for 33 years, felt like home. It was nice catching up with old friends.
Time was really short and I had to run from one appointment to the other.

While we were there we also attended a wedding on the Friday. This, too, gave us an opportunity to catch up with friends.

The bride was an Indian Tamil Brahamin and the bridegroom was a Sri Lankan Tamil Christian. Both the bride’s family and the bridegroom’s family were friends of ours.

Usually when there is a mixed marriage there are two ceremonies. One a Christian wedding in a church and a wedding ceremony performed according to Hindu rites. But in this case it was a short ceremony at Kaitoke Gardens in Wellington with a combination of both Hindu and Christian ceremonies.

As usual, the weather in Wellington was a let down. It was drizzling and cold and all the ladies in their beautiful sarees were shivering as vanity took over and no one was wearing warm clothes. Nevertheless it was a beautiful wedding and the bride looked gorgeous and the bridegroom too looked good in his Indian costume.

The food was served inside and was delicious. Catering was done by the Hare Krishna Movement.

On the Sunday we attended a 40th wedding anniversary and the couple, friends of ours, renewed their vows. Their children organised the function and it was really nice. There were videos of how the couple had met.

It was an arranged marriage, the bride was a Gujerati Indian from New Zealand and the bridegroom was an Gujerati Indian from Fiji. It doesn’t matter whether it is a love marriage or an arranged marriage, it is life after marriage that matters!!
Then from Wellington we flew to Hamilton, where my son-in-law’s family live. From Hamilton we hired a car and drove to Auckland and met some of our friends there too.

Then we drove back to Hamilton and having spent two days there arrived back in Perth. When we arrived back in Perth, it was no time for resting as I had to get the house ready for visitors who were arriving from New Zealand.

My husband’s nephew’s son was getting engaged on the 29th of March. It was an arranged proposal and the couple will be getting married in August. And so there is another trip coming up!!

I hope you are trying out the recipes that are on my website. These are my own recipes which have been tried over and over again. I would like some feedback. Some of the recipes are so unique that you will not find them in any recipe book or will not be served at any restaurant.

Until next time!