Welcome to Sarogini’s website, all about the joy of Sri Lankan cuisine. Here you can sample her award-winning cook book, sign up for some classes, and try out some of Sarogini’s delicious recipes.


Sarogini Kamalanathan, Sri Lanka FoodSarogini Kamalanathan has been spreading the word on the wonders of Sri Lankan cuisine for more than 25 years.

Her first foray into teaching others came when she moved with her husband and two young daughters to New Zealand in the 1970s.

Bringing then-exotic dishes such as curries and hoppers into work for curious colleagues to try led to her checking out other cooking courses – in her words, “to learn how to teach others to cook”.

She set up formal cooking classes soon afterwards, sparking the interest of local food journalists and television media.

Her story has been profiled in New Zealand’s award-winning Cuisine magazine and Western Australia’s main daily newspaper, The West Australian.

Now living in Perth, Western Australia, she has again opened up her house to cooking classes “Sarogini-style”; up to six students are given up-close-and-personal lessons in an informal dinner-party atmosphere and get to try the freshly produced, mouth-watering dishes.

If you can’t make it to Perth for her lessons, welcome to SriLankafood.net where Sarogini will bring you her favourite recipes and tips ‘n’ tricks for creating your own delicious Sri Lankan meals.

Sarogini’s award-winning book, ‘Sarogini’s Sri Lanka Food’ is now available to purchase online, or at these selected bookstores.


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