Planning key for curry success

Planning key for curry success

The cooking of rice and curry is considered to be a tedious task, but it is not if you follow a well-planned menu with a well-planned pattern.

It will give you the pleasure of turning out a very appetizing and nutritious meal, satisfied with the thought that the least amount of time and cost has been involved.

This will also delight your family or friends to be served a hot meal.

The normal Asian meal will consist of a rice dish, a vegetable dish, a meat or chicken or fish dish and a salad or chutney.

There are so many variations to the dishes that you will not be bored cooking the same dishes again. These variations are what I teach in my classes.

The basic dry ingredients that you must always have in your kitchen are:

A good blend of curry powder
chilli powder
mustard seeds
fenugreek seeds
cumin seeds
black pepper (whole)
cinnamon sticks
cardamom pods (green variety)
ground black pepper
tumeric powder

Other ingredients you’ll need:

curry leaves
fresh vegetables
fresh green ginger
fresh green chillies

All of the above can be bought in small packets of 150 or 200 grams and stored in small bottles with secure lids.

Some points to remember when cooking curries:

Rice should be cooked on the day it is being served

Meat and chicken dishes can be marinated the previous day, and cooked the previous day. But if the curry is to be prepared the previous day, make sure that it is cold before you freeze the curry. Cook the curry and leave it open until all the steam has gone before packing and placing in the fridge, otherwise they will sweat.

Curries that do not keep are: potatoes or curried beans.

Until next time!!!