Sri Lanka Entertainer


Always wanted to entertain with a great spicy meal but never got round  to it?  This tasty, easy to make menu is sure to impress your guests.

VEGETABLE PULLAO (Rice cooked with cardamom, cinnamon and other spices and mixed together with other vegetables sautéed.   Pullaos are very rich colourful rice dishes.  They are a centrepiece at the meal they are being served at).

SEENI SAMBAL (No meal is complete in Southern Sri Lanka without seeni sambal.  Onions are thinly sliced and slow cooked for a long time to allow the water from the onions to evaporate. They arethen cooked with chillies and other spices).

HOT AND SPICY SRI LANKAN LAMB CURRY (If your experience with curry has been cold meat re-heated in a curry sauce, be assured that this dish, although simple to prepare is fragrant and rich with spices subtly flavoured to give the dish a wonderful flavour to make it a favourite dish).

COCONUT CHUTNEY WITH MINT AND CORIANDER (Fresh or desiccated coconut ground together with coriander leaves and mint leaves and mjxed with lemon to give a nice tang to the dish).

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