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Time to unleash these fantastic dishes on your tastebuds… have a great afternoon as  Sarogini guides you through these superb exotic recipes:


(String hoppers get their name because they are composed of  fine strings of rice flour dough forced through a mould on to round mats and steamed). This then is broken up and mixed with vegetables and other ingredients and made into a biriyani.

FRIED EGGPLANT CURRY (Thinly cut eggplants deep fried to perfection and mixed with Onions and other ingredients and cooked in coconut milk.   This is my signature dish)

SRI LANKAN SPICY FUSION CHICKEN CURRY (Chicken cooked with plenty of onions in gravy delicately spiced and with Sarogini’s own blend of curry powder bringing out the flavour of a delicious chicken curry without drowning the natural flavour of the chicken).

CASHEWNUT CURRY (This is a very popular dish and prepared with fresh cashewnuts.   But in the abscence of  fresh cashewnuts un-roasted cashewnuts may be used).

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