Sri Lanka Seafood


This is a must for all seafood lovers! Join Sarogini for a fantastic afternoon as she prepares,  cooks and shares:

SRI LANKAN FRAGRANT YELLOW RICE (Long grain rice boiled  in Coconut milk and mixed with a blend of aromatic spices and  flavoured with pure Spanish saffron and garnished with cashew nuts  and sultanas sautéed in ghee)

SRI LANKAN FISH CURRY (Steaks of  fresh fish cooked in tamarind, chilli powder and coconut milk into a deep gravy in true Sri Lankan style)

CURRIED PRAWNS (Prawns cooked in a nice red gravy with onions, chillies and coconut milk).

VEGETABLE KORMA (This dish of mixed vegetables is cooked with vry mild spices and is thickened with the addition of cashewnuts and cream).

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