Sri Lanka Sizzler


Like a bit of spice ‘n’ fire? This great menu is perfect. But as Sarogini will show, it’s important the heat of a dish doesn’t mask out the great flavours.

She’ll take you through:

CHICKEN BIRIYANI (Basmati rice cooked with cardamom and other spices and layered with a special spiced chicken curry and garnished with cashew nuts and sultanas sautéed in ghee).

DEVILLED PRAWNS  or PRAWN PORIAL (Porial is a term used when an item is deep fried or a dry preparation is made without much gravy.  The term is usually used in Tamil cuisine).

SPICED SRI LANKAN FISH KOFTAS (Flaked fish mixed with potatoes and onions, mildly spiced, bread crumbed and deep fried).

CARROT AND YOGHURT RAITA (Grated carrots mixed with onions and green chillies and combined with whisked yoghurt. This is a very cooling dish and a good accompaniment to a very hot dish like a Vindaloo).

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