The Snoop Dogg Blogg

The Snoop Dogg Blogg

I had an interesting experience recently on a flight from Perth to Sydney to see my daughter and family.

Cooking until 1am I had to rise at 3am to catch my 5.45am flight to Sydney.  I arrived at the airport half asleep.   I boarded the plane and, much to my dislike,  was given a middle seat.

I got into my seat and made a comment to one of the people on the other seat and said that there was hardly any room, to which he replied “look at some others getting in”.

Coming down the aisle were two big – and I mean B-I-G – chaps. They went past me followed by  another group.

I presumed they were from America and thought they might have been basketball players.

I was so sleepy that I did not even notice that there were some women in the group as well.   Then without further ado I dozed off to sleep.

When we reached Sydney I was fully awake.  Our plane had to circle around before landing and I noticed the person seated next to me talking to some of the others I’d seen come down the aisle.

They were commenting about the plane going up and coming down in order to find a place to land.   This was going on for about 10 minutes.

I asked the person seated on the left of me whether they were a group who had come on a holiday and he said that they were a musical group who had come to perform in Australia and that having performed in Perth were going to Sydney to fly back to LA.

I asked to what group they belonged and he said “SNOOP DOGG”.

I asked him to spell it for me, little realizing what he would have thought of me.   I said that I had not heard of the group.   He said that they were a popular RAP Group.   He said that Snoop Dogg was seated in Business Class.

I saw Snoop Dogg when I got off the plane.   This shows my ignorance and gives my age!

Then I told him that I had a daughter in the US living in New Jersey and he said that that is where he was born and lived up until the age of 18.

During all this it never occurred to me that I should ask his name or get an autograph!!!   I guess this is how we miss out on our chances in life!!!

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