Whip up a fantastic Sri Lankan dish with ease

Whip up a fantastic Sri Lankan dish with ease

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An insight into the preparation of a range of dishes in Sri Lankan cuisine will show you how rich and intricate this cuisine is.

The preparation of Sri Lankan dishes makes one get passionate about cooking. There are no hard and fast rules. One can use one’s imagination to develop the preparation of curries and become a gourmet chef in no time. Please do not classify the preparation of curries as difficult or “this is not for me”. I agree that the preparation of these dishes is not like cooking mashed potatoes. or for that matter preparing a roast. But when you sit down to a meal you are satisfied that all your efforts have not been in vain.

The participants in all my Perth cooking classes are from various professions and nationalities, some of whom have had their taste of Indian, Sri Lankan or Malaysian dishes in restaurants. As I understand from my students they enjoy partaking in my cookery classes because these classes gave them a taste of home cooking and they commented that every dish I prepared for them had its own individual flavour and taste.
The variety of spices enhance the dish in which it is used. Of course, the secret of good cooking, which I impart to my students, is not only in using freshly ground spices, without resorting to pre-prepared meals or ready made pastes from supermarkets, but also in skilfully mixing them to enhance the flavour of the dish that is being prepared without any one of the spices dominating the taste.

For my part I have carefully selected delicious recipes and have painstakingly made the instructions very simple. I don’t want people to look at the list of ingredients and put the recipe away.I want everyone to go a little further than that.

Apart from the classes I conducted in Wellington New Zealand, since coming to Perth I have had numerous students enrolling in my classes I am proud to say that they all have had a fun time.

In one of my classes I had two nurses from the Swan District Hospital and they had a great time and will be enrolling for some more classes. One had gone to the Flying Fish restaurant in Sydney and she said that at that time she thought that the food was good. She had bought a cookbook there and showed it to me when she walked into my house – but when she tasted what was cooked in the class, she thought that it was out of this world!
We cooked the Stringhopper Biriyani, Sri Lankan Fusion Chicken Curry, the Eggplant curry cooked with cashew nuts. Because one was allergic to sea food I made a pumpkin curry. They also said that they did not realize that eggplant could be cooked in this manner.

A Sri Lankan table is usually laid with all the prepared food to be enjoyed at the same time. Soups and starters all form part of the main meal.
It is traditional to eat one’s food with the fingers and as children we were taught not to get any food onto our palms. But in modern times forks and spoons are used.
Next time I will talk to you about easy to prepare dishes.

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